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Secrets of a Former Fat Girl
How to Drop Two, Four (or More) Dress Sizes-and Find Yourself Along the Way

by Lisa Delaney

Lisa Delaney takes a look at what worked for her in her weight loss struggle. She came up with a plan (secrets) that can help women incorporate into their lives to help to lose weight. However, like with many weight loss books, not all of the secrets will work for all people.

Each chapter is set up to discuss a secret that aided her success in losing seventy pounds. These secrets include: Forget Dieting, Keep It a Secret, Adopt INO (It’s Not an Option), See Yourself Slim, Remember, You Are Not Like Other People, Protect Yourself from the Pushers, and Happiness Lives in the Uncomfort Zone. Some of these secrets are dead-on in helping but others are questionable.

Throughout Secrets of a Former Fat Girl, Lisa Delaney uses humor and shares her own insecurities to show women how they can achieve the body they want using some realistic focuses. Ms. Delaney does not put down other weight loss programs but points out what did not work for her with those programs.

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl can be a helpful book for those who have struggled to lose weight and need a fresh approach to their weight loss journey.



The Book

Hudson Street Press / Penguin Putnam
April 2007
Self-Help-Nutrition/Weight Loss
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2007
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