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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams (One Hour of Wisdom)

by Deepak Chopra

      Chopra brings his followers a handy dandy pocket book with one-hour wisdom. It's quick to read, easy to comprehend, and if followed, can produce a positive, successful effect in one's life. There are seven laws and seven sections to the small book:

  1. Law of Pure Potentiality
  2. Law of Giving and Receiving
  3. Law of Karma or Cause and Effect
  4. Law of Least Effort
  5. Law of Intention and Desire
  6. Law of Detachment
  7. Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

There are multiple lessons with each law. The following are some that stood out to me.

In "Pure Potentiality," Chopra wants you to know who you are and explains why the ego is a social mask. "Giving and Receiving" is an old familiar to most. Chopra tells us money is currency (a current) - give it away and it will eventually flow back to you. Most people are familiar with Karma these days. Chopra writes, "Witness the choices you make in every moment," and gives two questions the reader should ask before making a choice in life. "Least Effort" sounds good. Who wants to take the long way around life? Seriously, one point in this section is learning how to accept people, circumstances, and events as they are. One point in "Intention and Desire" is to make a list of your intentions and release your desires. Before you do that, read the rest of the chapter. "Detachment" is just that - Practice detachment and accept the uncertainty. And last, "Purpose in Life" tells us to nurture the divinity in ourselves and serve others to find true happiness. With each piece of advice, Chopra explains why it is best. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is well written, and Chopra's advice is very persuasive.

I am very cautious when it comes to inspirational or religious books. After reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, I can see Chopra's guidelines steering one in a positive direction and creating successful energy in one's life. The only thing I did not agree with is that communing with nature magically removes all worries of money and survival. I love nature and enjoy spending time in it, but it's not that magical.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is an impressive, beautifully worded book. Share it with your friends.

The Book

Amber-Allen Publishing
June 5, 2007
Abridged Hardcover
1878424602 / 978-1878424600
New age / inspirational
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NOTE: Abridged (96 pages) version of the original book

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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2007
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