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Solar Flow Yoga

by Shiva Rea

      Let the rays of the sun bask you in warmth as you open your mind to the unknown. Look up to the Heavens, let the cosmic mist surround you with the flow of energy.

Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is the unity of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It brings a person together to create oneness. Through Shiva Rea the fluid motions of this time-honored practice comes alive and surrounds the viewer with its own special magic.

Solar Flow Yoga provides the user with a wide variety of choices to select from. There are four main sections that include basic flow, core strength, solar flow 1, and solar flow 2. These sections branch out into 14 separate subsections. This allows the user the benefit of selecting five minutes or a full sixty minute program. This is a big bonus for those rushed for time or who donít feel their busy schedule can allot the time to spare for a yoga routine.

Shiva Rea has once again provided the best there is to offer in the world of yoga. Every item that has gone into the creation of this DVD has been prepared with the caring hands of someone who lives and breathes yoga. Specialized items that make this DVD so perfect are the wonderful choreographed music and the breathtaking view of the Maldive Islands where it is filmed. Very highly recommended.

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July 26, 2005
New Age/Fitness/Holistic Health
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