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The Spirit of Leonardo
Seven Steps to Self-realization from History’s Greatest Genius

by Michael J. Geib

The Spirit of Leonardo: Seven Steps to Self-realization from History’s Greatest Genius, the latest offering from renowned teacher and creativity author Michael J. Gelb, brings new insights into the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Gelb posits seven Da Vinci principles that can help the average person to achieve a deeper spiritual life, unlocking doors to perception and creativity.

This audio course is divided into six discs. The first introduces the life of Leonardo da Vinci, his take on spirituality, and the seven principles. Then Gelb dives into each principle. He uses lecture, examples, self-disclosure and self-assessment journaling, and simple exercises or practices for implementing these principles into your life. By working through these principles and all of the exercises, the listener is able to awaken a deeper sense of responsibility in life, open doors of perception and awareness, rid oneself of negative aspects that may be sabotaging growth, balancing male and female energies to produce the richest creative experiences, to have greater energy and well-being, and to deepen the experience of giving and receiving love.

Gelb's information, the choice of exercises, and the pleasantness of his speaking voice make this audio learning course a great experience. The principles Gelb has discovered from Leonardo’s spiritual example offer profound stops of discovery along our spiritual journeys that can help us not only learn more about ourselves, but also create better, more enriched lives.

Since this audio course is six hours long, I would suggest taking significant time to absorb each principle. I found that this was not something that could be rushed.

Very highly recommended.


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May 2007
CD audio course
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Non-fiction, New Age
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