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Sun Salutations:
Awakening the Flow

by Shiva Rea

      The waters part and the energy flows slowly throughout the sand. The earth is open to those who come to pay homage to the land. Rejoice! Come alive, live and discover all the universe is offering. Breath in the air as it fills your lungs and helps oneness be discovered.

Yoga is the state of being where the body finds unification. There are many forms of yoga that are practiced. Each one holds its own special blend of culture elegance. The Sun Salutation is a tribute to this age-old practice. It involves a series of refined movements and mediations that allows the body to absorb the cosmic energy into its system.

Sun Salutations: Awakening the Flow is one of the most breathtaking DVDs I have yet to discover. From the beginning, the introductory music set the tempo in a slow and steady rhythm. I could almost feel my breath begin to match the pace as it guided to me to the various sections the DVD featured.

The type of yoga shown on this DVD is Vinyasa Flow Yoga. It is defined as an evolving form of traditional hatha yoga which focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment. Shiva Rea is the guide who will travel with you throughout this entire series. Having discovered yoga at the age of fourteen she has devoted years to mastering the craft.

Sun Salutations: Awakening the Flow is broken out into five different sections. The first concentrates on the classic sun salutation that all can easily enjoy. The second features Surya Namaskar, which revolves around building flexibility and strength. For the sections devoted to Dance Warrior 1-4, it provides the ultimate experience to help open the hips and spine. The lunar flow section is geared towards rejuvenating the body and soul. The perfect ending is provided by a soothing Shavasana session which places the body in a state of total relaxation where peace and serenity will be present.

Those who practice yoga should definitely add anything Shiva Rea creates to your collection. She is the radiant light that shines as a source of inspiration to all who view her work. With each move that she introduces, you will feel your spiritual oneness take shape and soar to new heights.

Namaste - May peace, love, and happiness feel your grace.

The Book

Sounds True
June 28, 2005
DVD - 68 minutes
New Age - Holistic Health
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Suzie Housley
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