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True Meditation
Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness

by Adyashanti

      How do you define meditation? Do you meditate by assuming a certain posture, altering your breathing, or controlling your mind? Many traditions teach these meditative techniques, but author and Zen teacher Adyashanti shows readers an alternative path to True Meditation.

Relaxation methods and an upright posture help meditation, but some traditions focus more on getting the techniques right rather than the journey. Meditation can help a variety of goals such as improving physical health, ongoing relaxation, spiritual awakening, and emotional health. Regardless of the person’s meditative goals, Adyashanti sees that practice does not provide perfection, as clients with years of meditation report little enlightenment.

If meditation techniques do not lead to enlightenment, what will help you reach awareness? Adyashanti shows the first step is to approach meditation with an open mind. Former techniques may need to be unlearned, or at least loosened. Usual meditation requires followers to control their thoughts and quiet their minds. Using control techniques, people calm their body and mind. A person may feel calm and wonderful from the meditation, but what happens after meditation? All the stresses and pent up thoughts rush back. The body and mind quiets for a short time, but the person misses true spiritual awareness. Manipulation and control cannot lead to a natural state of awareness.

In order to reach a natural state, people need to let go of this control. Letting go remains a difficult step. After all, people spend most of their time trying to control the things around them. Adyashanti asks people to listen to their bodies instead of trying to manipulate external sounds and internal thoughts. Natural awareness occurs in the absence of control.

Adyashanti studied under a Zen teacher for fourteen years before creating techniques he named True Meditations. The book’s CD provides guided meditations beginning with "Allowing Everything To Be As It Is." Adyashanti’s calming voice directs listeners to relax and listen with the entire body. His techniques are a refreshing alternative to meditative training techniques. Readers will enjoy Ayashanti’s philosophy through his simple and beautiful prose. Approach meditation with a willing mind, and Adyashanti will guide your path to True Meditation.

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Sounds True, Inc.
November 2006
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Non-Fiction - Spirituality Meditation
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