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The Ultimate New York Diet
The Fastest Way to a Trimmer You!

by David Kirsch

      For those viewers of Extreme Makeover, David Kirsch should be familiar. He is the fitness/wellness expert that ABC asked to create a plan for women to lose a huge amount of weight within 14 to 21 days.

The one positive thing I can say about this latest diet book is that David Kirsch is very upfront about losing weight as quickly as The Ultimate New York Diet states that a person can lose. Mr. Kirsch also focuses on the fact that in order for diets to work, people need to be willing to change their lifestyles instead of just eating certain foods for a short time.

The Ultimate New York Diet includes a comprehensive exercise plan, which includes simple exercises that can be done anywhere: home, office, hotel, etc. These exercises start off at 10 minutes and require some equipment (weights or a medicine ball).

The Ultimate New York Diet also includes a comprehensive 3-phase food plan. The food plan includes menus to be used for the first 8 weeks (all 3 phases). Mr. Kirsch does explain how if someone has more weight to lose, they can continue with the first phase until they are near the weight that they want to be at.

The Book

McGraw Hill
October 2006
Nonfiction / Self-Help / Diet
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