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Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage:
7 Keys to Unlock Your Potential for Success

by Ellen Denise

      When obstacles arise, you change your directions to reach your goal.
~Zig Ziglar

Life is a journey for each of us to explore. Often we get sidetracked by obstacles that block our potential for success. A quote by Ellen D. Junious states "An obstacle is success waiting to be accomplished." These words really stuck in my mind when I first read them; days later they still are locked inside my head.

There is an unlimited supply of positive aspects to Ellen Deniseís Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage. I am a firm believer that what you need most out of life will come to you in a moment when you least expect it - and need it the most. Through Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Potential for Success I found an answer to a problem that had been bothering me for several months. My dilemma involved staying with an unfulfilling but financially rewarding job or breaking free to find a position that would allow my creative spirit to shine. I realized the mistake I made when I left my former job and opted to select a position for money alone. With my former job I felt passion for my work; now I just felt how many hours were left in the week until I'd be free.

I felt several times that this book was written exclusively for me. It was like Ellenís voice was guiding me in making a decision I knew would be better for me mentally. This is the type of self help book that will stop and analyze if you are truly happy with your life. If not she shows you ways in which to change your outlook.

The authorís powerful words were enough to convince me that I needed to make some changes in my own life. I gained a better understanding of my needs and values. This book allowed me to put into perspective the items that were important for my self-fulfilling needs. Very highly recommended.

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September 22, 2007
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