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Unlocking Your Intuitive Power
how to read the energy of anything

by Laura Alden Kamm

      Unlocking Your Intuitive Power is an intriguing audio course. In six CDs, medical intuitive Laura Alden Kamm has distilled twenty-five years of experience and practice using her intuition or inner insight. She has been described as "a walking MRI" because of the accuracy of her ability to diagnose illness and disease progression. She has worked as a remote viewer and trains corporate leaders on how to harness their intuition and put it to use in creative problem-solving.

Though Kamm's ability became pronounced after a near-death experience during treatment of a brain tumor, she insists that anyone can learn how to intuit your own body, your home, your pet, objects, and others. She teaches the theoretical background for medical intuition, the importance of the seven main chakras, and the differences between different types of intuition. Each CD has at least one meditation (some have two or three) to help learners identify their own energy and develop mindfulness, along with different ways to scan one's own body, man-made structures, or other living beings.

Though I found Kamm's vocal delivery grating at times, due to her regional accent, I did find the material helpful. The exercises were enlightening and had good practices with energy. Though I have done scans on my own body for some time and can sometimes "read" some people and places, I don't do it quite as Kamm does. I know I could not do nor would I want to do what she does as a medical intuitive. However, she says that this ability to intuit energies can help us enhance the world around us.

Kamm directs listeners to use their sixth chakras, the seat of the higher mind or intuition, instead of other chakras where they might naturally experience intuition. She says that this is the place where the information becomes data, and she can detach from it and not react emotionally to it. That is necessary to being a medical intuitive. It is also a place many people may have trouble connecting to, especially if they have experience with other ways of intuiting.

I did run into some problems with some of the information she presents about psychology, body memory, even how some of these practices work. For example, when she talked about body memory, she didn't call it that, but rather talked about how the mind thinks something and the body reacts. She said a grade school teacher used to whack her with a yardstick for putting her long legs into the aisle. She says that today she pictures her teacher's face when she puts her legs into an airline aisle seat, but it doesn't bother her at all now. Her body, however, remembers the yardstick. It's a simple Pavlovian concept about learning and training, but it also is body memory. Some people have body memory and don't know why their bodies react in certain situations.

Still, I will use Kamm's meditations often because they are certainly grounded in sound energy practices. I think the information she presents is good but may take the novice a long time to achieve results.

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October 2007
Booklet, 6 CDs (audiocourse)
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Reviewed 2007
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