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What Happy Women Know
How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Change Women's Lives for the Better

by Dan Baker and Cathy Greenberg with Ina Yalof

What Happy Women Know is a wonderful book! Why do I think so? Because I am one of those genetically happy women that Baker talks about in his book. Happy Women look for opportunities to be happy. And I found happiness reading his book. In What Happy Women Know , authors Baker and Greenberg talk about the qualities of happy women, and what they know that others do not. He equates happiness to engaging in life and seeking out ways to be happy. Believing in yourself is number one, knowing yourself, and taking personal responsibility for yourself, 3 and 4.

Baker and Greenberg, both PhD's and coauthors of other “Happy” books ( What Happy People Know and What Happy Companies Know ) agree that in order to be happy, one must take a certain amount of responsibility for one's own happiness. Too often we depend on others to provide that happiness, and we are disappointed. This is a well thought-out and organized book. It is easy for anyone to understand, and the principles can be easily applied to one's own life. There are several case studies that provide insight into other women's struggles and victories to help the reader find her place on the happiness scale.

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Rodale Books
May 15, 2007
10: 1594865450
Non-Fiction/Self Help
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Nicole Merritt
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