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Work Like You're Showing Off!
The Joy, Jazz, and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today

by Joe Calloway

      Joe Calloway's perspective on self-help is a refreshing change from the puffed and package variety of late. Short-winded and chock-full of easy-to-understand concepts to help move yourself forward in life. Although it's aimed at business people, I feel that any reader can take away a life-changing perspective to utilize in all areas of their life. Mr. Calloway's mantra on commitment covers four important areas in the book: action, improvement, connection, and purpose. Not sugar-coated, Work Like You're Showing Off! is for those deeply interested in success, a success based in giving more to others.

His chapter titled, "Whatever Happens is Normal," was a home run for me, as he explains, in a sensible manner, that many of us spend time reacting to something abstract as abnormal. But Mr. Calloway lays out the basic concept that whatever happens every day is normal, because it happened. Accepting life, change, and ideas contrary to our own can bring relief from struggling with our own internal concept of normalcy. I highly recommend this pick-me-up for stalled business people who are looking to move beyond their own self-imposed box.

The Book

June  2007
978-0-470-11626-5 / 0-470-11626-9
Self-Help / Business
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Mark Nash is the author of Fundamentals of Marketing for the Real Estate Professional, Starting & Succeeding in Real Estate, Reaching Out: The Financial Power of Niche Markeing, and 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home.
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