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Yoga Shakti

by Shiva Rea

      Your body is an ocean rich with hidden treasures.
Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp.
- Mirabai

The rising sun signals a new day has come, and a new journey is waiting to be discovered. Let your body breathe in the richness of this new beginning. With this breath relax and set your soul free.

Yoga is the life force of the universe; Shakti is the creative force of life. Our breath unites our mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is a centuries old practice that has spanned the globe and made its presence felt in many vast cultures. It is known to provide a soothing, healing state of relaxation. What makes yoga so unique is that it is geared towards anyone’s fitness level.

A yoga treasure exists in Shiva Rea’s DVD Yoga Shakti. It is as though Shiva herself has taken time out of her busy schedule to visit your workout room. This DVD gives you the sense that you are in complete control of your yoga routine. It is almost like Shiva is your own personal Yoga instructor; it is up to you to decide how long you plan your workout routine. With a total of 4 1/2 hours of endless yoga routines, there is something for everyone. For those pressed for time or who know what they are in the mood for, the yoga matrix will be their best friend. This lists all the yoga sequences and allows you to select which ones you want to practice. For the beginner, there are four different pre-set practice sessions that are geared toward getting a basic foundation for understanding yoga.

Shiva does an outstanding job of explaining every move in clear and precise detail. The way in which she performs each move is pure poetry in motion. I found myself caught up just watching her perform each sequence. There are hundreds of moves that I had never been exposed to, and I can’t wait to hit the gym to show off my new-found knowledge.

This DVD will allow you to meet and exceed your New Year’s fitness goal. I was totally captivated with the volume of material that these two DVDs contain. If you purchase any yoga video this year, make sure that it is this one. After viewing it, you will find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it. For those new to yoga, this would be the perfect introduction to learning this age-old exercise. Once again, Shiva Rea has far exceeded my expectations. She has created a spectacular DVD that captures the true essence of yoga. I can easily see this DVD quickly becoming my favorite yoga video; the endless variety it provides is stunning! Very highly recommended.

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Sounds True
September 28, 2004
DVD - 2 DVDs, 4.5 hours
ASIN: B0001611DS
New Age - Fitness
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NOTE: Award winning DVD, "Best of Fitness Award" 2006 - Health Magazine (Video/DVD Category)

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Reviewed 2007
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