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Your Primal Nature:
Connecting with the Power of the Earth

by Caroline Myss

      Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth is a fantastic recording of a real session by Caroline Myss in the Amazon during one of her spiritual odysseys. Instantly, you hear the sounds of the rainforest and drums as Myss guides you in a brief centering exercise that gets you listening to your body. Next, she delivers a talk about power places and why we seek them out. She also discusses how intuition and instinct are necessary to our spiritual growth.

Finally, she leads everyone in a meditation that can become a free dance session as she grounds listeners and helps them connect with the spirit of the place where they are.

What is exciting about this is that even listeners in their own homes can find that same sense of calm and energy. This guided meditation is accompanied by drummers who help participants connect with that primal part of themselves.

Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth brings the best of a Caroline Myss spiritual retreat into the intimacy of your own home. You receive a lecture from one of the leading voices in modern spirituality as she explains why we hunger for a deep connection with the earth and with places of spiritual resonance. This is something non-industrial cultures have long recognized and that we, in our science model universe, have forgotten. Myss is committed to bringing this knowledge to people everywhere. She also honors the reality and power of intuition, and is a leading authority on it.

Discovering our primal nature can help us connect deeply with the land wherever we are. It is a basic part of who we are as human beings and can help us link with our instincts and intuition. Once awakened, these tools can then help us listen to our bodies and to the world around us. We can also delve more deeply into our own spiritual lives, listening to the messages that our inner selves and inner teachers bring us.

Excellent work! There should be a whole library of Caroline Myss recordings. There is much to learn from this teacher.

The Book

Sounds True
January 2003
Audio book - 1 CD (1 hour)
ISBN-10: 1591790360
ISBN-13: 978-1591790365
Non-fiction, New Age, spiritual
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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