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The 2012 MindShift
Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

by Peter Russell

      Peter Russell presents a 2-CD set of five meditations, The 2012 MindShift: Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change, that can help us cope with stress in our lives. Though the audiobook's description tags these CDs as a way to deal with the coming changes of 2012, these meditations are ideal for anyone at any time. Russell's pleasant British-accented voice guides readers through each of the meditations, but they are not necessarily guided meditations. What I mean by that is that once the techniques are learned, the practitioner doesn't need someone to lead the meditation; the person can just do the exercise.

For the most part, these meditations allow the listener to be at peace within his or her own body. The Presence Meditation is the first that Russell offers. He helps the listener to be aware of sitting in a specific place—listening to what is happening there, feeling any sensations, like the chair or a breeze—and then being aware of the person's own body. That is continued in the Befriending Discomfort Meditation. Here, the listener fully experiences the aches and pains, the jumpy sensations, and the tensions within the body (things that often distract people from meditation) and just lets them be. Often these aches and pains will lessen or fade away.

Other meditations are also very helpful. The Inner Wisdom Meditation helps listeners tap into their own inner wisdom (or the guidance of spirit helpers or the Divine) by allowing them to look at different ways of seeing the situation. The Loving Kindness Meditation helps listeners develop community by encouraging compassion and having an open heart. Finally, the Clarifying Purpose Meditation is good for trying to find your own personal mission or purpose. These last three meditations, according to Russell, provide critical skills to help us during the coming changes. Personally, I see them as great tools to help us navigate our own transitions through life stages.

Peter Russell is to be commended for offering these great skills for personal development and for stress management. Highly recommended.

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October 1, 2008
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