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Bakongo! Dance Party
Drumming Music for Dancers

by Geoff Johns

      Uncharted territory deserves to be explored. . .

The earthy tempo sets the stage as you embark on a primitive journey. The sounds contained on this one audio take you deep into the heart of an unexplored territory that is on the verge of extinction. Each one of the eight tracks tells its own fascinating story in its own deep, sultry tempo.

Listeners cannot resist kicking off their shoes and swaying their hips to the lively rhythm. Each song is masterfully orchestrated, for it provides its own special blend of cultural diversity. The sounds of Africa, Cuba, and Haiti can all be found on this one audio.

Rest assured, this is a cultural retreat like your ears have never experienced before. You will be privy to a sampling of sacred, ceremonial drum music. A musical paradise exists as you are introduced to songs that feature a variety of both hand and stick drumming styles, plus call-and-response vocals. Instruments include congas, barrel drums, talking drums, frame drums, gankogui and atoke (iron bells), shekere, and axatse (gourd rattles).

Those who are seeking songs that will set their blood pulsating and their heart racing should definitely consider Bakongo! Dance Party. Master drummer Geoff Johns has totally outdone himself in the creation of this electrifying audio.

The Book

Sounds True
March 11, 1997
Audio CD - 1 hour
New Age World Music
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2008
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