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Becoming an Empath
How to Develop the Power of Your Emotional Intuition

by Karla McLaren

      Let your eyes be the window to your soul.  Let your emotions overflow as you journey into the great unknown. . .

Empathy is defined as a person’s emotional intuition.  A common name that people recognize is a person’s sixth sense.  It is the ability to feel and sense someone else’s emotional state.  It is a skill that all people possess.

Through Karla McLaren’s Becoming an Empath, we discover three main types of empathy that include:

  • Projection - Placing your own emotions into other people
  • Mimicry - Allowing yourself to be placed in another's situation and feeling their emotions
  • Clairsentience - An intuitive skill that allows a person the ability to sense or translate the emotions of others or real energies of the body

Becoming an Empath explains in depth all that you should know to help enhance this unique skill. Ideally, this title can easily enhance anyone’s healing touch practice.  It is essential that a healer is able to sense the emotional state of the client.  This audio was exactly what I had been searching for to enhance my own healing touch skills.


Through this audio, I discovered that I possess more clairsentience talent than the other two listed.  I was able to learn how to use these empathy skills to learn a new concept that will enable me to help others.  Very highly recommended.

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Sounds True
May 30, 2005
Audio CD 3 CDs / 2.75 hours
159179322X / 978-1591793229
Holistic Health
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