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The Beginner's Guide to Humor and Healing
Dr. Bernie Siegel's Prescription for the Healing Power of Laughter and Love

by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

      Seeing a doctor usually isn't a laughing matter, but in the case of the audio recording of Bernie Siegel's The Beginner's Guide to Humor and Healing, hearing one is. While the doctor uses many jokes and amusing anecdotes to get his point across, the underlying message to those suffering from all kinds of maladies is a sincere one: LOVE HEALS. In a humorous manner, Siegel points out that many people miraculously recover from very serious illnesses - and that the causes of these medical about-faces are concepts as simple as taking charge of our lives, making the decision to live (remember the movie Harold and Maude), and simply having someone who cares. He uses simple stories that are easy to relate to while encouraging each of us to discover how we can uniquely contribute to the world, find our path and reach our potential. As the parent of a child with special needs, I took Dr. Siegel's suggestion to "become a person to your doctor" to heart and look forward to using "hug therapy" at our next office visit. A guided visualization near the end of the presentation may prove to be a bit too solemn for some, but others may find it helpful as they begin to embrace a new outlook on life.

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Donna Satterlee Ross
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Donna Satterlee Ross is the co-editor of That's Life with Autism: Tales And Tips for Families With Autism and is currently working on a new book about autism and humor.
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