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Building Emotional Intelligence
Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children

by Londa Lantieri
With an introduction and Practices Guided by Daniel Coleman

      This book is so much more than the title indicates. It is a layman's hands-on guide to teaching your child to relax in a stressful world. Lantieri's book is one that can grow right along with your child. It is chapter after chapter of mindful listening and muscle relaxation exercises for children of all ages.

The book is divided into age group developmental stages with age appropriate activities. You will learn what to expect from each age group, things you will need to carry out the exercise, and a step by step guide to working with your child. Included with the book is a guidance CD for listening. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend quiet uninterrupted time together and build a lasting confidence while equipping your child for the future.

I highly recommend this book. It gives parents and children new strategies for learning to cope with anxieties in a pressure driven society. This book is essential for every parent, teacher, or care-giver. I encourage educators and counselors to also read it. The practical approach that Lantieri gives is easy to understand and implement. If carried out regularly it should greatly benefit a child's ability to cope and build confidence when dealing with anxious situations (i.e. tests, new experiences, and uncomfortable relationships). It is a great tool for daily use.

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April 2008
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