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Channeling Grace
Invoking the Power of the Divine

by Caroline Myss
(read by the author)

      I have always appreciated anything that Caroline Myss has published, and her recent audio book, Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine, is no exception. A renowned medical intuitive, Myss holds degrees in journalism, theology, intuition, and energy medicine. She has written six books and recorded several audio books, some of which were selections from her numerous talks and workshops around the world. Recently, Myss has immersed herself in the life and teaching of St. Teresa of Ávila and wrote Entering the Castle. It is from this foundation that Myss has begun to teach about channeling grace.

The 2 CDs that comprise Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine were recorded before a small studio audience. This captures the dynamism of Myss's teaching. Both CDs have useful information and tools for us to use to deepen our spiritual lives.

The first CD or Session I explains Myss's concept of grace as being the breath of the Divine in all of us. She makes it tangible, not something we can never know. One of the things she said that struck me profoundly was to substitute the word "grace" for the word "energy" when talking about energy fields or auras or other esoteric concepts. For example, if you put your hand near a person, you are supposed to be able to touch that person's aura or energy field. Myss says that something happens when you put "grace" into that concept; you then touch someone's "grace."

The second CD or Session II offers a series of invocations or prayers for specific instances where you might need or want grace. These include times when you need direction or healing. She also suggests that grace is necessary in times of what she calls Divine Chaos, when you feel tested beyond what you think you can endure.

I have always appreciated Myss's frankness and no-nonsense delivery when dealing with spiritual concepts that often are hard to grasp. She demonstrated that well on the first CD, but something changed in her delivery on the second CD, the one where I expected her to be a bit gentler with us listeners as she guided us through these invocations. Frankly, I was uncomfortable, as if I were being lectured more intently than being led through a prayer or meditation. This may have been due to a dynamic that occurred between Myss and her audience when this was recorded, perhaps even between each session.

Myss's concept of channeling grace, though, is a refreshingly new way to access the Divine no matter what your spiritual path is. This 2 CD set will help make that spiritual activity easier to do. Highly recommended.

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May 2008
Audio book 2 CDs / 2 1/2 Hrs
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