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Chi Running
A Training Program for Effortless, Injury-Free Running

by Danny Dreyer

      I hate running. Let me put this in perspective. I detest running as much as any 58 year old, fat, arthritic smoker whose idea of exercise is moving from the car to the couch. In reality, I'm 58 but none of the other, except for my aversion to running. I walk a few miles every day, but I call that my "constitutional walk," not at all to be confused with exercise. So, when I received this unabridged 3 CD set, I expected I could listen to the 3 3/4 hours pleasantly while driving from home to school and back. The first CD started off without too much pain for a "running" CD. Danny Dreyer's voice is exceptionally pleasant, even calming and almost reassuring. Not too bad, I thought. Now is when I need to interject that I could have been a professional tennis player, considering all the articles and books I've read, lest for one thing—the authors expected participation. So does Dreyer. I ordered the CD set and, dutiful to a fault, I sat in my straight-backed chair, looked at my feet as he told me, breathed as he suggested, tucked my pelvis, ran my fingers up my neck, and all the other ridiculous movements a man of my age ought not do. But Dreyer kept persisting in his pleasant and reassuring and calming voice.

Did I mention I hate running? This morning I started off on my daily four mile "constitutional," looking at my watch to pace myself, but making sure no one could see so as not to confuse my walking with exercise. But somewhere in the four miles, I tucked my pelvis, breathed differently, fell forward to move, and, in short, did all those things a 58 year old man ought not do except at the prodding of Danny Dreyer's pleasant voice. I finished my "constitutional" six minutes quicker, at a faster pace, with no pain, and full of energy, ready for a busy day. But I didn't exercise, you understand.

Danny Dreyer promises a new CD set—Chi Living, and another already out, Chi Walking, showing the power of flowing our energy (Chi) into all facets of life. I suppose I must be the dutiful reviewer and order Chi Walking now, and Chi Living the moment it becomes available. In the meantime, I think I'll increase my "constitutional" to six miles tomorrow—and then eight by this time next week. For some reason, I feel energized even at this late hour. But have I mentioned how much I hate running?

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December 1, 2008
Audiobook 3 CDs / 3 3/4 HRs
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