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Comfort and Joy
Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others

by Coletta Lafia

      I found Comfort and Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others to be a very comforting book to read. It defines simple ways to find comfort even during difficult times in life. This helpful book has opened my eyes to look at the simple things in life and find the comfort within them.

Comfort is very often found in the simple things in life - a vase of flowers, a good book, a hot bath, walking your dog. There are numerous sources of comfort available each and every day. Take the time to recognize the comforts in your everyday life. Comforting others is another good way of comforting ourselves.

Comfort is also found within the memories we hold. We can feel the comfort generated through good memories. Sharing a history with someone is comforting. Let your sweet memories comfort you.

It's in the smallest of things that comfort is found and through comfort, joy. Sometimes I need the comfort of doing nothing and other times comfort is found in doing repetitious activities such as housework.

I really enjoyed the sketches throughout this book and found them to be comforting and feel they added much to this book. A true eye-opener that will teach you to take the time to stop and smell the roses as you journey through life. A very helpful book and I recommend it to others.

The Book

Conari Press / An Imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC
May 2008
Trade Paperback
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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