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The Energy of Belief
Psychology's Power Tools to Focus Intention and Release Blocking Beliefs

by Sidney Bender and Mary T. Sise

      The Energy of Belief, by Shelia Sidney Bender and Mary T. Sise, is a well-written and easy-to-follow book that shows readers how to use the Touch and Breathe (TAB) method to deal with unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

By touching the fourteen touch points and breathing (while making affirmations about the problem), the user is able to deal with the problem in a positive way that helps the reader live a better life.

The first half of the book introduces the basic steps that all practitioners will use with this method. The second half delves deeper into the program to help those users who have a deep-seated problem that requires more intense use of the program.

Each step is well illustrated with clear photos, and the directions and photos are repeated in each step, even though they are repeats from an earlier session. This repetition allows the user to follow the steps without flipping pages back and forth.

Scales of disruption and elations are provided throughout to help the user determine his degree of acceptance in letting go of his negative thoughts and behaviors.

The authors give real-life cases of patients who have used this method to better their lives by ridding themselves of unwanted beliefs and actions.

Following the steps in the early chapter, I seemed to get the results that the authors suggested would occur. Even if the reader does not intend to use the method to deal with problems, this is an interesting book to read for the science that is embedded in the system.

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Elite Books (Energy Psychology Press)
November 15, 2007
Self-Help / Psychology
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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