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God Is a Salesman
Learn from the Master

by Mark Stevens

      God Is a Salesman (a 3-CD audio), written and read by Mark Stevens (a best-selling author, prominent CEO, and one of the leading marketers in the world), debunks the traditional techniques used by most salesmen. Stevens suggests that salesmen shun celebrities and look to God for guidance on how to become effective salesmen. Using attributes of God, Stevens points the way to becoming a successful salesman. Basically, Stevens says, the salesman must sell himself and idea, and not a product. He states that sales should be about the buyer and not the commission that the seller will reap from his one-time sale. The author gives examples from his own experience and other people whom he admires, of salesmen making the client a part of the family using this method.

Even though this book deals primarily with selling, it could be used with other aspects of anyone’s life. The beauty of this book is the simplicity of the techniques and the great reward of following a basic rule of life - do unto others as you would have done unto you. I would want to deal with a salesman who used this method.

The Book

Hachette Audio
January 2, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook / 3 CDs / 3 HRs
Self Help / business / Christian life
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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