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The Golden World
Our Search for Meaning, Fulfillment, and Divine Beauty

by Robert A. Johnson

      Part inspirational and part memoir, this "audio encounter" with Jungian author Robert A. Johnson contains six CDs full of insights into the life experiences and spiritual revelations which changed his life, and may be adapted for your own purposes. Recorded in his home in front of Jungian psychologist Jerry M. Ruhl and Sounds True publisher Tami Simon, The Golden World is truly a casual auditory encounter with the 86-year-old Johnson, rather than a professional performance with high production value.

He describes "The Golden World" as glimpses of divine beauty that we can see everyday - hints of the afterlife that awaits each of us. He begins with an account of his near-death car accident when he was 11 years old. During his hospital visit, his leg began bleeding inside the cast (although none of the doctors or nurses were aware of it). As he mysteriously felt his life draining away, he experienced his first vision of The Golden World. Eventually his nurse discovered the bleeding and saved his life, but it was too late to save his leg, and it was amputated. This horrific childhood experience helped shape his personality and establish his rich inner life.

From dream interpretation with Carl Jung to embracing your weaknesses to trusting the "slender threads" that guide you in the right direction, Johnson offers his inspiring views on seeking personal enlightenment. Simultaneously personal and universal, The Golden World provides a multitude of ideas for realizing individual potential.

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Sounds True
October 2007
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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
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