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How Tiger Does It
Put the Success Formula into Everything You Do

by Brad Kearns

      Tiger Woods is an extraordinary golfer whose talents catapulted him from a sports champion to a cultural icon. What is Tigerís secret to mastering everything from the green to business? Author Brad Kearns examines the keys to Tigerís success in How Tiger Does It, which everyone can use in their personal and business lives.

Since his first perfect, net shot at eleven months, Tiger has been no stranger to breaking golf records. At three years old, he shot a 48 - on a regular length, nine-hole golf course. Do you remember the 1999 Nike commercial where Tiger effortlessly bounced a golf ball on his club? Kearns says Tiger has the same physicality in his sport that all prodigies share in their respective areas. Few share Tigerís physical talent, but you can still adopt his mental excellence and fierce attitude.

If you follow golf, you know that Tiger is an intense competitor. Facing tough opponents, he never just wings it. He plays to win. On the golf course, his focus is not pinned to the usual yardsticks of success like money or the trophy. He doesnít hear the fans or see his loved ones in the stands. Yet, Tiger enjoys the game. Actually, Tigerís amazing focus keeps him entirely in the moment. He enjoys the whole process - the endless practices, playing the game, and winning. He doesnít dilute one partís preparation - or enjoyment - by thinking of the next.

Visualization can play a part in your success. But visualization is not a placid dream of winning the Masters when your only golf course involves windmills and pirate caves. If you havenít prepared for your dream, your body will recognize the visualization as a big lie. Any negative emotions disrupt your game. Tiger knows this. He not only stays in the moment, but he balances work and play - preparation and rest - better than most people in any field. His mental strength makes the difference between a champion and a weekend player.

Author Brad Kearns is a former triathlete, writer, and coach. He clearly admires Tiger - the whole man with the awesome talent and human faults. It is interesting to see Tigerís strengths and the connection to his parentsí strengths and lessons. Iíve always been fascinated by Tiger Woods and thoroughly enjoyed reading about his achievements in this book. Kearnsí approach is enjoyable and easy to read. Just as unique as the man behind the title, How Tiger Does It provides a distinctive perspective in reaching success. Highly recommended.

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March 2008
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