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How to Be a Creative Genius
(in five minutes or less)

by Gary Unger

      If you expect this book to list ten sequential steps toward increasing creativity, you really need to read it and let it shake up that stodgy mindset.

In the foreword, Joey Reiman writes, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." (Notice that no matter where you place the words in that sentence, itís always a profound truth.) Author Gary Unger is clearly intelligent, undoubtedly creative, and he certainly had fun developing this outside-the-box gem.

Thereís nothing pedestrian or pedantic in How to Be a Creative Genius. This is the guidance Lao Tzu would have jotted down on a different day. Itís mind-expanding koans for the multimedia generation. Itís wacky wisdom, irreverent counsel, sarcastic sniping, and DIY insight. Itís also totally devoid of step-by-step instructions.

Gary Unger is an advertising consultant and the proud (one assumes) creator of AutoZoneís "Get in the Zone" ad campaign. Chances are, Unger hasnít got a clue what makes him so good at what he does, but he knows what doesnít generate creativity. "We humans tend to think reproductively," he says, "not productively... [we] automatically follow the familiar and previously experienced paths."

Those who stand out as creative geniuses are the people who are able and willing to wander off that path and into the woods, unafraid to travel without a map — but a copy of How to Be a Creative Genius would be as good as a compass, I think. Ungerís non-sequiters are the off-kilter landscape where purple cows and flying pigs just might exist.

Coming in at 90 pages, How to Be a Creative Genius is bigger than it seems, and in the right mind it can absolutely be more than the sum of its parts. If you really want to be a creative genius, youíll swallow it whole and ruminate gently while it digests.

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Sherian Publishing
July 2008
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Deborah Adams
Reviewed 2008
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