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How to Make Life Work
The Guide to Getting It Together and Keeping It Together

by Michelle McKinney Hammond

      In How to Make Life Work, author Michelle McKinney has written a book which provides principles and practical advice on how to attain what the subtitle, "The Guide to Getting [Life] Together and Keeping It Together," promises.

In her brief introduction, Hammond sets the foundation for attaining the goal of how to make life work - God is in control, but He expects each of us to do our own part in reaching our destinies.

Hammond then sets the cornerstones for getting and keeping life together - you, God, purpose and others.† At this point Hammond says, "Itís all about you!"† You are the most important part in building your own life.

The rest of the book provides other components that make for a successful life and contains the following:† pillars, tools, assembly, maintenance, preventive, long-term, accessories, and troubleshooting.† Each of these categories is broken down into doable activities.† For example, the section on accessories includes righteousness, peace, joy, favor and blessing, invaluable intangibles and honor.

Much of the material in this book has been written about by others, but the systematic approach and breadth of the dealing with lifeís fundamental activities make this a valuable book to read and refer to from time to time when life seems to be getting out of control.

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FaithWords / Hatchette Book Group
March 2008
Advance reader copy for Hardcover
0446580627 / 9780446580618
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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