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The Human Antenna:
Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells

by Dr. Robin Kelly

      Dr. Kelly is a rarity in the medical field even in today's more open medical environment - a conventionally schooled Western-style physician whose interests and training expanded to include Eastern philosophies and techniques. This fascinating combination, in addition to his own musical talents (he is writing a musical), gives the lay reader a wonderful opportunity to expand their own knowledge and to appreciate the dynamics of Dr. Kelly's viewpoints.

The ideas that Kelly begins with and espouses are not new. But the approach that our purpose and beliefs affect our health by using the signals of our cells is a fascinating conceptualization. As Kelly mentions in his preface, this is the "true science of life." He is the first to state that he himself, and his family members, have greatly benefited from Western medical techniques and skills. Rather than decrying the usefulness of the tried and true, he believes that adding to the mix by using centuries-old methods, such as acupuncture, creates a wholeness and completeness that cannot be achieved any other way. He fearlessly goes where others have begun, speaking directly about the cellular and inherent differences between men and women. Throughout the book, the science and philosophies are beautifully balanced with personal anecdotes, case histories and easy to digest references.

Yes, there is science in the book, complete with diagrams and explanatory sketches. The author covers such great concepts as Fibonacci's Rabbits, The Golden Ratio, and the meaning of the Caduceus. Add to this great diagrams of the Chakras, the usefulness of acupuncture needles as conducting antennas, etc., and the reader quickly expands their knowledge, which encourages alternate thinking and a new matrix for appreciating a more holistic approach to life. Reading this book is like getting an education in fresh ideas without having to sit in a classroom with 400 other clueless students!

In addition to the ease of understanding, the extra content in this book inspires further research and study. Appendix 1, titled "Shedding New Light," addresses Qi Gong - the practice of "balancing and preserving" the energy of life. Appendix 2, "Tapping into the Now" gives the reader a more detailed look at the technique of tapping points, using an acupuncture model. As given throughout the book, Dr. Kelly adds exercises to enhance healing and encourage creativity in using these methods yourself. A detailed and thorough bibliography heightens the reader's ability to follow up on recommended research and discover what methods, both tried and true and new, will enhance their own lives. A great book for those who have already begun their search for new ideas and knowledge, as well as those new to the concepts that Dr. Robin Kelly presents in this highly readable and enjoyable book.

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Elite Books
November 2007
Trade Paperback
Psychology, Personal Growth
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Laura Strathman Hulka
Reviewed 2008
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