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The Illuminated Chakras

by Anodea Judith

      In case you aren’t acquainted with Anodea Judith, she’s one of the foremost authorities on chakras and worth learning from in any format. In the particular case of the DVD production, The Illuminated Chakras, this reviewer recommends that you treat yourself to an immediate blessing. Whether you know anything about chakras or not, and / or are even slightly interested in the subject, this presentation will offer you a remarkable and deeply beneficial journey. 

Written, directed and produced by Judith, The Illuminated Chakras is a superlative, perhaps even indescribable experience. Adequate adjectives have not been invented.  Mesmerizing animation by Alex Wayne and enchanting music by Robin Silver merge seamlessly with Judith’s words through visionary videography.  Anodea takes the viewer on an all-encompassing odyssey that amazingly includes spiritual, intellectual, and sensual adventures, as we proceed up the spine through the seven chakras in a Kundalini serpent of undulating, spellbinding color. Music, words, colors, and moving images combine ever so artfully to present an exquisite and tasteful educational experience.  This is a video that touches you profoundly to arouse and awaken spiritual energies. The highly original multi-sensory explorations are so much more effective than any book could be. Non-English speakers will appreciate alternative language soundtracks in Spanish, French, German, and Italian.  Watch it, share it, spread the illumination!

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Sacred Centers
April, 2004
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Janet Hamilton
Reviewed 2008
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