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Illuminating the Afterlife:
Your Soul's Journey Through the World's Beyond

by Cyndi Dale

      Illuminating the Afterlife describes what occurs physically, energetically, and spiritually at death and beyond. It also explains in detail: the ways the soul separates from the body, descriptions of the interdimensional tunnels that operate as exit points, the levels of existence open to the departing souls, and the steps the soul goes through to prepare to leave the physical body.

Step-by-step analyses of the energetic processes involved in the shift from life to death are given. Death is a process that starts long before we die and continues through our physical death and beyond. What we do and believe during life influences where we go after death.

When someone dies we can no longer connect with them through our senses, and so we cannot help but think that they no longer exist. This is not true. They have simply gone to another "dimension" or "parallel reality".

Illuminating the Afterlife talks in-depth of the levels of awareness (the planes of light), complete with charts identifying chakra's locations and functions and the auric fields associated with each of them - each associated with a different plane of light.

Cyndi Dale covers a lot of material in Illuminating the Afterlife and covers each topic thoroughly. She writes well and in an easy to understand and follow format.

The Book

Sounds True
May 2008
New-Age / Spirituality
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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