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Illuminating the Afterlife
Your Soul's Journey Through the World Beyond

by Cyndi Dale
(read by the author)

      Cyndi Dale is a noted author, speaker, intuitive healer, and expert on chakras (energy centers within the body). She has turned her attention to the afterlife in this audio book, Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul's Journey Through the World Beyond. Using her expertise as an energy healer and as a scholar of thanatology (death states), she has produced a very interesting tool for meditation.

When I first looked at this work, I wondered exactly how Dale could do guided meditation about the afterlife and not put the listener at risk somehow. But what Dale has done is used the states of death and their inherent Planes of Light as a means to access chakra energies within and surrounding our bodies. When we do this, we can receive messages from our inner sources, our intuition, and even our guides and other beings that help us spiritually.

The discussion Dale presents is well thought out and is in sync with other spiritual information about meditation states, death, and chakras that I have studied myself. However, her combination of these together is quite unique. Most of that discussion is on the first of three CDs.

The bulk of Dale's work, however, is in her guided meditations. Right away, she presents a 33 minute guided meditation on the first CD, allowing the listener to access all of the twelve chakras she deals with. (Most common chakra work deals with six or seven, but there are many other systems.) She also explains how each chakra is connected to a Plane of Light. The second CD (over 71 minutes) is one long meditation, taking the listener through the five personal chakras that correspond to what she calls the Lower White Tunnel. They were the tenth (below the feet), the first (the root chakra), the second (reproductive organs, solar plexus), the third (stomach, pancreas), and the fourth (the heart chakra). Each of these dealt with a separate Plane of Light (rest, life review or evaluation, healing, knowledge, and wisdom). The last CD took the reader through the last seven chakras which deal with more spiritual matters (three are on the body and the rest lie outside of the body) and correspond to the Planes of Light (truth, peace, momentum, love, power, charity, mastery).

I found these meditations very valuable. Dale is able to guide listeners easily to do the work that they can do at these different chakra points. Nevertheless, I did feel that she rushed the meditations sometimes, not allowing enough time to do the work. I had to pause the CD player several times in order to do the work.

In addition, she is presenting a lot to do in one or two sessions. I found that to be very overwhelming. I would suggest that if Dale re-records these at some future date, she should separate each chakra to a different track so that listeners could concentrate on just one chakra at a time.

That being said, I would high recommend Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul's Journey through the World Beyond. It is an excellent tool for meditation, energy work, and healing.

The Book

Sounds True
May 2008
Unabridged Audio book / 3 CDs, 3 1/2 hours
1591799511 / 978-1591799511
New Age
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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