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The Kindness Handbook
A Practical Companion

by Sharon Salzberg

      The Kindness Handbook is a collection of stories, meditation exercises, inspirations, poems, and teaching.  It gives the reader practical tools to inspire kindness for any situation life brings our way.  It is a helpful tool for anyone looking for inner peace.  It is well-written and informative.  I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in self-growth and self-improvement.

There are three main sections covered in this book:  (1)The foundation which are the basic fundamentals; (2)The entry which includes the different dimensions of love; and (3)The expression which is that which carries the kindness into the multifaceted arenas of our lives.

We spend an awful lot of time looking for happiness in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways.  We yearn to be happy.  By simply transforming our understanding we can transform our entire life.  By simply shifting our perspective we can re-invent our whole world.  Sometimes the most important recipient of kindness is the one we most commonly overlook—ourselves.

The phrases we choose are expressions of the very powerful force of intention in our minds.  Every time we silently say one of these phrases we are harnessing the power of intention.  If we truly love ourselves we will never harm another, because if we harm another it diminishes who we are.  Everything you do, you should do knowing you can succeed in it.

Free your mind of the conditioned forces that bind and limit your life.  Be willing to go to a new level of thinking, remembering that tomorrow doesn't have to look like today.

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October 1, 2008
Spirituality / New Age
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