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The Life Visioning Process
An Evolutionary Journey to Live As Divine Love

by Michael Bernard Beckwith

      In his 2-CD introduction to the visioning life process (he has a more detailed account of this process titled Life Visioning: An In-Depth Course with Michel Bernard Beckwith, which is a 6 CD presentation) the author moves the listener through the four states of his spiritual growth program: victim, manifester, channel and being. He explains what happens in each step and how to move forward to the stage of being which is manifested as enlightened living.

After offering guided meditations, creative visualizations, affirmative prayers, and insights to help the listener navigate the four stages, he takes the listener thorough a complete Life Visioning session that allows the listener to intuitively know the life that God has in mind for you. He cautions that every listener does not get the message the first time and reminds listeners to return to the program anytime as a basis for discovering and unleashing the ultimate potential for their lives.

Beckwith has this to say about the program: "This program is for anyone willing to place themselves in a position to catch the eternal broadcast from the mind of Love Intelligence - to learn how to listen with the ear behind the ear, to see with the eye behind the eye, and then articulate that vision for your life."

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Sounds True
February 8, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook 2 CDís / 2.5 HRS
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