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Living Everyday Zen

by Charlotte Joko Beck

      Recorded live during a week long sesshin, these talks by Charlotte Joko Beck represent her first-ever audio course and are classic examples of Beck’s no-nonsense style of teaching. While covering a range of topics from neuroses to "spacing out" on the cushion, Beck returns again and again to the simple instruction just sit.

Beck is no proponent of the warm-fuzzy do-as-you-please style of practice; her advice is sincere and grounded in a half century of study and practice, and without fail she delivers it in unvarnished terms. There are no tricks or shortcuts, she tells us; there is only diligent, mindful practice if we are to progress on the path.

Feisty, practical, and straightforward, she engages in relaxed exchanges with her audience throughout the talks, addressing the need for persistence, for recognizing misperceptions that interfere with correct practice, and for identifying core beliefs that drive us to engage in mindless behavior.

Charlotte Joko Beck has studied with some of the most esteemed Buddhist teachers of the generation and is, herself, a highly respected teacher and leader in the Buddhist community. While the sound quality of this audio course is not the best, Beck’s words are clear, wise, and infinitely valuable. Living Everyday Zen contains everything you need to know about sitting practice.

The Book

Sounds True
March 2008
Audio 3 CDs, 3.25 hours
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The Reviewer

Deborah Adams
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Deborah Adams is the Flair and Macavity Award winning author of the Jesus Creek Mystery Series: All The Great Pretenders, All The Crazy Winters, All The Dark Disguises, All The Hungry Mothers, All The Deadly Beloved, All The Blood Relations, and All The Dirty Cowards. She was also an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel.
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