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Moving Forward
Taking the Lead in Your Life

by Dave Pelzer
read by L. J. Ganser

      In this five CD audio book, Dave Pelzer suggests that we get rid of the crap (and that is the word he uses) from our past and move forward with our lives. Readers familiar with Pelzerís story from his other books, including A Child Called "It," would agree that if anyone could blame his past for his inability to move on, it would be Pelzer.

Pelzer draws on these experiences not to show how they held him back but how he used them to make his life better. Despite the many harrowing experiences he endured at the hands of his mother, Pelzer found a job and life that gave him immense satisfaction. In many cases, children who are abused tend to abuse their own children. From the tone of his voice and the words he uses, the reader can feel the love that Pelzer feels for his son.

Pelzer cites real life cases (without giving names) of people who have experienced some slight abuse and used it to blame others for not achieving their dream. Pelzer uses his experiences on his speaking tours and radio show The Dave Pelzer Show to help other people to either use or discard those past negative experiences that are holding them back in their lives.

One interesting story he tells is about the interviewer who accuses him of grandstanding about his past and using it to get attention and sell books. Pelzer handles the situation very well considering the charge and what he had gone through.

Pelzer tells his listeners (and readers in the book edition) that his philosophy will work for people from all walks of life. Everyone from CEOs to everyday working people can use this philosophy to get on with their lives. A very encouraging book.

The Book

Faith Words /Hatchette Audio
June 24, 2008
Unabridged Audio 5 CDís / 5.5 HRís
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Reviewed 2008
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