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Give and Get What You Need to Flourish

by Lisa Bevere

      Lisa Bevere’s Nurture:  Give and Get What You Need to Flourish is exclusively about female nurturing.  Whether she expects readership to be strictly women is not clear.  But that aside, Bevere challenges women to regain their ability (and need) to give and get tender care and encouragement from other females.

Bevere points out that in many cases women are more jealous and spiteful to one another than their male counterparts.  Bevere says now is the time to stop this type of behavior and become God’s ambassadors.

Citing examples from her own life and stories from The Bible, Bevere recounts some classic examples of women nurturing other women or girls.  In these cases, the nurturing attention had a tremendous impact on the female in need and turned her life around.

The author gives many examples of how nurturing can be carried out.  For example, she tells older women that it is their responsibility to nurture the younger generation, but she inserts a caveat here:  nurture the younger generation by the actions in your own life and at the same time give direct help to those in need.  In other words, do as I do and do as I say.

Bevere says there is a payback to all this nurturing: those who help nurture others will in turn flourish themselves.  This is a good book for women who feel something is missing in their life—it just might be they need to channel their energies towards helping other young women.

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Faithwords / Hachette Book Group
September 2008
Self help
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Reviewed 2008
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