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Om Guitar:
Acoustic Meditation Music

by Stevin McNamara

      Om translates to the vibration of the universe; it is a sound which unites the world together. Close your eyes, relax your mind, feel your heart beating deep within your chest; now release yourself to the soft, gentle flow of the everlasting wind.

Om Guitar is a remarkable audio offering the listener a wealth of opportunity to find out how music can be used to enhance meditation. With only four extended tracks, you discover how the soothing guitar tones will help set you in a total state of relaxation. One of the most interesting facts about how the artist composed the audio is he set the tempo at sixty-three beats a minute, the same speed as a heartbeat.

While I listened to Om Guitar, I felt a cascade of emotions flow through my body. It was as though a calming light entered my body and was shining its own form of revitalizing energy into my being. Mere words cannot explain the feeling of happiness I gained when this occurred.

Ideally, this music would complement anyone’s meditation practice or I found that it provides the perfect shavasana for my daily yoga practice. I feel this is the type of audio, which when played, will offer this listener an unlimited amount of benefits.

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Sounds True
April 1, 2008
Audio CD / 1CD / 70 Min.
New Age World Music
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2008
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