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Women Have Them, Men Need Them
The Relationship Survival Guide for People Who Don't Like Relationship Survival Guides

by I. Glebe

      The subtitle of POINTS says it all: Women Have Them, Men Need Them. Based on the premise that women are in control in relationships (because of the sex thing), I. Glebe explains in hilarious detail the ins and outs of the one-sided bargaining system that exists between American couples. As a self-proclaimed ordinary guy, Glebe seems to have caught a peek at the unwritten rule book of women and translated it into a language that most men can easily understand: SCORING!

Following a brief discussion of relationship currency comes a commentary about "the hole" (i.e., being in the doghouse or sleeping on the sofa). Any man who has ever spent time in "the hole" will definitely be interested in checking out the section: Flowers as Bail - Hit or Myth? along with other methods for gaining points to dig yourself out of "the hole".

Next, discover the basics of the point system including earning considerate points, bought points and points of endearment. Finally, in the advanced chapters there is detailed information on redeeming your points so you don't go doing something stupid because you mistakenly believe you have earned copious amounts of points.

If they are willing to overlook some blatant but true stereotyping of males and females, partners will find the secret to getting what they want from each other. Again, though stereotypical, I was impressed by Glebe's insight into the partial list of women's needs (over 30 items) and complete list of men's needs (4 items). The biggest obstacle with the book is getting the guys to read it. Fortunately for us ladies, Glebe has even included instructions for that, cleverly disguising them as sewing instructions.

Great for a laugh, but even better POINTS may actually improve a relationship or two along the way!

The Book

Running Press Book Publishers
December 24, 2007
Self help - relationships
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Donna Satterlee Ross
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Donna Satterlee Ross is the co-editor of That's Life with Autism: Tales And Tips for Families With Autism and is currently working on a new book about autism and humor.
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