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Positive Directions
Shifting Polarities to Escape Stress and Increase Happiness

by John Ryder, Ph.D.

      I have read many books about the power of transforming bad habits or replacing negative patterns with positive ones. Ryderís book, Positive Directions, is a fresh look at the reasoning behind these habits and offers real insight and help in transforming oneís life patterns. I really appreciated his many years of studying the psychology of the mind. With his book it is possible to put this information into use and make it work. He adds that it is important to listen to our higher mind and change our normal coping strategies. The reason old "tried and true" coping mechanisms donít work for us is because they are built on faulty reasoning, says Ryder. We want instant gratification. By delaying gratification we learn to address our lower needs and then are able to concentrate on our higher needs or consciousness.

If we refocus our attention on positive things and donít let negative energy keep us from changing polarity, we can be free of the emotions that sap our energy and cause ill health. Ryder's mission is to offer the key to unlocking us from negative experiences that keep us from using positive energy.

Ryderís book is all about changing polarity and shifting gears.

He offers real answers to questions you have asked for years about why you canít change. One theory he suggests is that negativity is designed to cause one to react and flee, but instead we succumb because of our life experiences. If we can change how we react to stress we can strategize new ways to handle those negative emotions and shift our attention to more positive opportunities.

This is a must read for everyone interested in balancing their lives and learning how to keep that balance. We all get angry, feel depressed, etc., and let emotions cause us physical illness. Ryderís book will put you on the right track, which is what his book is all about: getting back on the right track, the track to happiness and well-being. Really, itís more than a self-help book. Itís packed with information. Read it and be informed, then use the practical "JEEP factors" he offers to transform your life.

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Morgan James Publishing
September 1, 2008
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