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Power Prayer:
A Program to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength

by Chrissie Blaze

      Power Prayer is a manifestation of energy
~Norman Vincent Peale

Prayer is the universal language that allows the user to connect with the great divine of the universe. No matter what religion you practice or God that you worship, praying can provide a wealth of healing and spiritual fulfillment to anyone’s life.

Chrissie and Gary Blaze introduce readers to a deeper form of prayer they call "Power Prayer". It centers on using powerful mind-body spirit techniques that are drawn from Western mysticism, visualization, mediation, and Eastern energy practices. It is a unique, higher form of communication with the divine.

Power Prayer: A Program to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength is a very easy to learn concept. Basically, it requires a person to find a quiet place where they will not be disturbed. There you go deeply into your own world as you connect to the universe. Power Prayer offers the means to prepare a person physically, mentally, and spiritual to receive all the benefits of this amazing technique.

I believe the answers you seek come to you in some shape or form. I knew that I had found the answer my soul had been seeking when I read Chrissie Blaze’s Power Prayer: A Program to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength. Months ago, I was not compelled to read this book. It was not until a tragedy had entered into my life that I saw the title and felt drawn to reading it. I’m glad that I waited until this event happened in my life; it was through this book that I found the comfort I needed to restore light back into my days.

The hurt of betrayal grows less with each passing day, I attribute Chrissie Blaze’s book to being part of bringing back the happiness that once filled my day. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to this wonderful author who has the God-gifted talent to provide her wealth of knowledge to those in need. Very highly recommended.

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Adams Media Corporation
October 2003
1580629393 / 978-1580629393
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Reviewed 2008
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