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Resurrecting from Cancer:
The Life-Saving ZiJiu

by Yan Ming Li

      Resurrecting from Cancer: The Life-Saving ZiJiu is an inspirational and enlightening book that offers advice on how to activate your innate self-healing mechanism, and teaches you how to heal yourself.

Resurrecting from Cancer: The Life-Saving ZiJiu gives many personal testimonies of those suffering from terminal illnesses who used this method and recovered. The fundamentals for basic practice of the ZiJiu method are given complete with pictures and illustrations and simple step-by-step instructions.

It explains what life energy is and our ability to solve the problem (disease) from within. It teaches us how to open and develop our inner capacity to heal. It shows us the way to elevate our mind to a higher level of consciousness.

The ZiJiu Method was created by Li Yan Ming from Mukden, China who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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November 14, 2007
Trade Paper
New-Age / Self-Help / Health
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Connie Harris
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