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Rhythms of the Chakras
Volume 2

by Glen Velez

      Let the sultry rhythm of a lost culture penetrate your soul as it provides its own special form of healing magic . . .

Rhythms of the Chakras, Volume 2 will literally set your body on fire as it provides an exotic blend of some of the best drumming music in the world.  Music composer Glen Velez introduces a variety of instruments you would not normally encounter on any other audio.  Your ears will be enriched with the beautiful tones that radiate from instruments such as the frame drums of a Bendir, a 17 inch Cooperman Tar, and a Surdo.

What puts Rhythms of the Chakras, Volume 2 in a league by itself is the fact that it serves a dual purpose.  The seven tracks offer an unforgettable musical oasis and are each connected to one of the seven chakras.  Track one is called Rise of the Phoenix and relates to the Perineum. The second track, Narwhal’s Chant, focuses on the sacrum.  The third track is titled Golden Owl and it centers on the solar plexus. The fourth track, which has been given the poetic name of Emerald Ocean, revolves around the heart.  The fifth chakra, which is located in the throat, is experienced in track five, labeled Vox Magica.  Oracle of Athena, track six, is dedicated to the brow, and the final track, known as Seven Petals, coincides with the crown chakra.

Amazingly, each one of these tracks actually provides a soothing sensation to its dedicated charka.  The two that really gave me a jolt were Rise of the Phoenix and Emerald Ocean; each one felt like a soothing, cleansing light was restoring energy in my body.  Once I finished with the last song, I immediately pressed rewind so that I could once again experience the sense of healing I received from these recordings.  An audio such as this is a rare find, one that will make you feel as though you have found a secret treasure.  Very highly recommended.

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October 21, 2008
Audio CD - 1 CD, 50 minutes
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