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Sacred Geometry:
Unlock Your Potential with the Keys of the Arcturians

by Janosh

      Janosh is a Dutch graphic designer who never really considered himself especially spiritual. Then in 2003, he decided to do a meditation, as others were doing, in accordance with the Harmonic Concordance, a planetary alignment that occurred on November 8 of that year. Several days later, Janosh began to imagine geometric shapes that were similar to those seen in crop circles. He also received messages about the meanings of these designs. One message said that these geometric designs came from the Arcturians, wise beings from another dimension. It was then that Janosh decided to share these patterns with the world.

In Sacred Geometry, Janosh has put together tools to access the power of these geometric designs. The kit includes 33 visually beautiful contemplation cards, a small display easel, a 98 page paperback study guide, a hardcover compact journal, tracing paper, and a music CD. All of this comes in a rectangular, compartmented box.

The study guide explains how important geometry has been to ancient cultures and how we still use it today in building construction, music, and language. There also are tips on how to use the kit for personal meditation and for exploring inner questions. The majority of the study guide annotates each of the contemplation cards.

The cards, obviously, are the focus of the kit. They are large size, about 4 1/2" x 6 1/4", and offer a full color design on one side with the reverse showing the key theme of the card, along with its basic geometry rendered in silver. These back sides of the cards often look like schematic diagrams, just as crop circles often do. The user can simply choose a card intentionally or at random and meditate on it. Or, the user can ask a question and select a card. The visuals are complex enough to get deep into the patterns on each card, but simple enough not to distract the user.

The journal is pre-printed to help the user with daily and weekly work with the cards. Janosh's inclusion of a pad of tracing paper the exact size as the cards is unique. This helps users who need to become kinesthetically involved with meditation. The tracing of the silver back sides of the cards can help some people move into the patterns better than just looking at the completed designs. I found the contemplation cards to be very evocative and helpful to my meditation time.

The CD, sold separately under the title, Liquid Geometry, contains eight tracks, written and produced by John Consemulder, Ph.D., with vocals by Renske Skills. For meditation purposes, some of the cuts were beautiful instrumentals; however, others were distracting because of the vocals.

Sacred Geometry is a fine addition to anyone's meditation tools. It is especially recommended for those who respond to visual stimulation.

The Book

Sounds True
November 2007
Hardcover, 1 CD / 67 minutes, cards, journal, guide
1591795648 / 978-1591795643
New Age, self-help
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Separate CD
Excerpt (included CD, titled Liquid Geometry)

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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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