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Still Hot
The Uncensored Guide to Divorce, Dating, Sex, Spite, and Happily Ever After

by Sue Mittenthal & Linda Reing

      The authors seem to have two goals with this book:† They hope to reduce the loneliness following divorce by telling women how to stay busy and meet new men; and they attempt to take the sting out of rejection by taking snarky pot shots at stereotypical traits many ex-husbands possess.† They combine funny (and sometimes not so funny) horror stories from about 100 women into tips, lists, and quizzes about surviving - and eventually thriving - after becoming single again when their long-term marriages ended.

Still Hot addresses the particular problems of middle-aged women with children whose mid-life-crisis husbands leave them for surgically enhanced women like Tiffany, Traci, Svetlana, or some similarly named home-wrecker many years his junior.

Although intended mainly as a humorous guide - friends who have already been there and done that show you the ropes - the slim volume (158 pages) does offer some practical advice as well.† For the newly divorced who havenít dated in a decade or so, Mittenthal and Reing provide interesting ideas for spending your time until you find someone special, offer red flag warnings for men to avoid, and give suggestions for sexy new clothing to buy (and old clothing to discard).† They even devote an entire chapter called "Ciao, Babe" to ideas of how to rid your home, mind, and life of your ex-husband.† These tips range from the scary "Carefully cut him out of each photo and mail him twenty-one tiny versions of his decapitated head" to the mundane "Buy a giant fern" if your bedroom seems vacant without him.

Easy and fun to read, Still Hot should amuse most newly divorced women still seething from their mistreatment in the bedroom and the courtroom, and may even offer a few useful suggestions until they regain their footing in the dating world.

The Book

Running Press Book Publishers
March 2008
Self Help / Humor
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NOTE: Profanity, Sexuality

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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
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