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The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle
Quick, Daily Steps for Refreshing Your Relationship

by Douglas Weiss, PhD

      The author of The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle clearly has an affinity for the number ten. Weiss, executive director of a counseling center, provides a menu of ten intimacy exercises (grateful statements, love letters, memory lane, etc.) to be performed during daily ten-minute sessions with your spouse. He offers suggestions for how to have ten-minute arguments that wonít cause emotional injury or days of strain on the relationship. He even gives instructions on putting together a ten-minute team of experts who can help during times of crisis. Mostly, however, he relies on the Ten Commandments, as The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle is a self-help guide to physical and emotional intimacy from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Filling the book with examples from his counseling practice and his own life, Weiss offers sound suggestions including worksheets for planning date nights, outlining ten-minute arguments, and structuring the "government" of your marriage. Especially helpful are chapters devoted to the externally motivated mate and the internally motivated mate, opposite personality types which usually manage to find each other and marry. The final two chapters discuss the most heated subjects of marital debate: money and sex.

Easy-to-read and simple to implement (if both parties want to improve the marriage and commit to daily practice), the sound psychological ideas in this book could help refresh most marital relationships. Itís the religious ideas, however, which might lose some readers. He writes in the first chapter: "God answered my prayer and gave me the great tool of the Ten-Minute Marriage Principle." Although the book jacket gives no indication of so much content revolving around Christianity, the church, God, and prayer, readers should be forewarned that religious beliefs inspire all of Weissís ideas about marriage and are woven throughout each chapter.

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Faith Words / Hachette Book Group
November 2007
Self Help
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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
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