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Tulip Love:
A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities

by Eva Ariela Lindberg

      Let the magical words weave their way into your heart as you embark on a mystical journey. Through out the pages of Tulip Love: A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities you will feel as if a blessing has been bestowed upon your soul. This book radiates a sense of calmness and tranquility like no other as you are able to absorb each one of its deep powerful words.

How Tulip Love was created is truly a fascinating story in itself. The author was at a time in her life when she was searching for the meaning of her existence. She had tried to steer her career to many paths but none seemed to give her any sense of fulfillment. Through mediation, she learned that tulips were the source that would bring her inner peace. She recalled as a child how this one flower always gave her a sense of peace and harmony.

Throughout the fifteen chapters, you will find every known fact about the tulip. Lindberg has done extensive research to educate her readers on all the magical properties the tulip holds. While reading this fascinating subject, I could easily see this as the perfect gift for your favorite botanist. I learned things about the tulip that I never dreamed existed.

The first part of the book is devoted to the history and healing properties the tulip encompasses. With my healing touch background, I was glued to the pages as it explained all the tulip’s healing properties. The remaining chapters are geared towards a more in-depth healing technique that focuses primarily on the pampering of the individual.

One of the most compelling aspects that I discovered in this book was the section devoted to explaining the Tulip Temple. The author did an outstanding job in using her words to paint a picture of this sacred temple. In addition, she included some actual pictures of people receiving tulip love. I could almost feel the love radiate from these photos. Each one was a sight to behold, for they showed people who were experiencing the ultimate form of love and appreciation.

For anyone with an open mind and receiving heart, Tulip Love: A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities will fulfill your greatest needs. Each poetic word provides priceless knowledge that is assured to bring sunshine and happiness to anyone’s life.

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Angel Lion Publications
February 1, 2007
097864820X / 978-0978648206
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2008
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