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The Momnificent™ Life
Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms

by Lori Radun


How would you describe your life as a mom? Do you feel your life is hectic and tiring or balanced and fun? In The Momnificient™ Life, author and life coach Lori Radun coined the word "momnificent" to refer to moms who lead a positive, healthy and balanced life. Radun guides readers through personal development, spirituality, enjoyment, relationships, health and aging, personal finance, career and profession, and home and family. While the bookís theme focuses on strengthening families and being the best parent you can be, it is also about balancing all aspects of your life.

Living a balanced life depends on eight crucial elements: your confidence, ability to set healthy boundaries, positive energy for yourself and others, healthy and supportive relationships, life balance, spiritual foundation, self care, and being a nurturing and effective parent. Most people are struggling in at least one of these areas. One of the most important things to remember is that you are working toward balance, not perfection. Radun suggests analyzing your outer and inner life before tackling the other life areas. In a circular diagram, each outer life area has a corresponding inner area, such as the outer life of spirituality with the inner life of purpose. By answering questions related to your life and activities, you may realize a current problem is caused by not honoring your inner life or values. How many times have you felt frustrated and that you werenít accomplishing much? In one of the bookís examples, one mom looked closer at her daily activities, realized she did have enough time, and did accomplish quite a lot each day. What was the problem? She rarely did things she enjoyed. Once she identified her values and beliefs, she could start doing more things that were important and valuable to her. Her overwhelming frustration faded away because her life was more in balance.

Because The Momnificent™ Life is packed full of advice and guidance, readers will want to keep the book as a reference as they work toward balance in all life areas. The 59 short chapters identify positive values, personal examples from both Radunís life and practice, and thought-provoking questions. Each chapter ends with a "take action assignment," which helps readers make life changes. The first chapter is a must-read to determine what areas may need more balance, but then readers can skip to any chapter and work on a specific trouble spot. Radunís prose is confident and understanding, while reminding moms that addressing any of the areas is not to promote guilt nor to achieve perfection. Moms tend to gravitate towards books that can solve a specific parenting problem but often donít take other life areas into account. The goal of The Momnificent™ Life is loftier, thorough, and lasting: you can enjoy a fun and fulfilling life, balanced with love, health, and happiness. Highly recommended.

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Mom Coach Press / a Wyatt-MacKenzie imprint
May 2009
Trade Paperback
0-974382-4-84 / 978-0-974382-4-8
Parenting / Self Help
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