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Seven Ways You Screw Up Your Life
(and how to unscrew it)

by Marti Lawrence
Foreword by Chris Brogan
Interview with Jeremiah Owyang and Guest Author Contributors Becky McCray, Susan Reynolds, Terry Starbucker, Liz Strauss

      Is there anyone here who doesn't know that humor is healing? Having said that, we've all heard of comedians who were plenty messed up. So maybe we've figured out that we need something else, especially if we've already screwed a few things up for ourselves—or someone else has done it for us.

To the rescue, Marti Lawrence. She says, "I realize I don't know everything," so—on our behalves—she has done considerable research, interviewed Jeremiah Owyang and enlisted guest authors. And, of course, she uses humor which makes this book not only a good little self-help book but also very easy to read.

My favorite chapters are "Failing Well" and "Cherishing Failure." I've always told my kids and students that it's not only OK to make a mistake or fail, it's actually desirable. We learn more from our mistakes because we've learned what not to do first hand. Of course, that's only if we are willing to admit the mistake and examine our part in it. Lawrence attacks the subject, in fact very nearly makes this approach to self healing a theme of her book.

There are some other chapters that I found especially revealing, too. One on "Deceiving" covers material I have rarely seen in this kind of book. And, of course there's one called "Secrets." Intriguing, no? You'll want to get Seven Ways You Screw Up Your Life (and how to unscrew it) to learn what Lawrence doesn't want to keep a secret.

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November 2008
Self Help
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Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Reviewed 2009
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