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The Supervision Solution
Manage Performance Not People

by John Roulet


The key to any successful business is in the management and leadership style they choose to adopt.   There is a misconception that leaders manage people to gain success.  This concept is proven untrue in John Routlet’s The Supervision Solution: Manage Performance Not People.

What makes John Roulet’s approach so fresh and appealing is that he introduces a new way to learn to be a supervisor, where he encourages a way to manage performance not people.  This one book provides enough practical knowledge, guidance, and scenarios to direct anyone in a management or supervisory role in successfully structuring their department to achieve the maximum amount of success.

The Supervision Solution: Manage Performance Not People should be required reading for all new Supervisors and Managers.  In my day job, I am a front line Supervisor for a local government contractor.  It is essential that I keep my skills updated on all new management concepts that are in existence.  I found this book to be exactly what I have been searching for to help me learn what I need to be a better Supervisor.

The chapters on "The Best Possible Performance Appraisal," "Motivating Employees Who Do Not Have To Be Motivated," and "Resolving Job Performance Problems" were exceptional.  I found that I was re-reading these chapters to help me deal with current situations that I am currently facing.  These chapters alone make this book worth any price that you may have paid.

For any new supervisor or individual who holds a management position THIS is the book you need to ensure you read to sharpen your management saw.  I feel that The Supervision Solution:  Manage Performance Not People could help every manager and supervisor acquire the knowledge needed to understand themselves and the people they are responsible for supervising.  Very highly recommended.

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Javelin Publishing
May 2009
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