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Manual for Living
A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life

by Seth David Chernoff


With a blend of practical and spiritual wisdom, David Chernoff's Manual for Living gives great insights into many aspects of our lives and guides us in coexisting with our universe and our environment.

The author suggests that the book be read at random, choosing the section that covers a subject that is problematic in life at any given time. It would be good, however, to read the section on "Death" early on, as that section seems to set the tone for information given in many of the other sections.

Some of the author's advice can be hard and blunt when talking about death and other topics, but he has survived cancer twice and has earned his right to deal out such tough love. Even though the reader may think the advice is too harsh, deep down he comes to realize the author is telling it like it is.

The book consists of sixteen sections and an introduction and includes such topics as death, time, illness, fear, Romney and many others. The reader will find it easy to select the section that will offer some help on the matter that is causing some concern in his life.

Of course, all the sections contain valuable information, but the section on the environment is particularly helpful. Understanding our environment helps us understand ourselves.

This is a book that needs to be read and then put away safely for future reading as other aspects of life become difficult and in need of an overhaul. It truly is a manual for living.

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Spirit Scope Publishing
June 7, 2010
0984093095 / 978-0984093090
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Reviewed 2010
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